02/10/2013 08:46 EST | Updated 04/12/2013 05:12 EDT

7 lost ATVers safe after overnight search

Seven people on all-terrain vehicles who had been lost for hours with low fuel and dying cell phone batteries on Sunday morning are now home safe, according to Halifax police.

Police said they received a 911 call around 1 a.m. that five men and two women were lost.

"They were lost and stranded in the Ragged Lake area," said Sgt. Kevin McNeil.

According to police the group separated trying to seek safety.

Eventually all seven people regrouped, made their way to a cabin on Germans Island and started a wood stove fire.

It's there where rescue crews said they found them.

They brought them back to the command post at 5:39 a.m.

Paramedics checked the group as a precaution.

MacNeil said the group of young adults are now home safe.

"I think they were a little bit shocked that something like that happened. There's a certain disbelief."

"Basically when something like that happens our primarily responsibility, outside why they would be out there doing that, is their safety... We don't give them a scolding."