Rick Mercer visited the Calgary Zoo and walked with penguins on Monday.

The Canadian comedian and CBC host, filmed an episode for the Mercer Report at the Calgary Zoo and was game to being the birds' keeper of the day, said Trish Exton-Parder, Communications Coordinator at the Calgary Zoo.

"He mingled with keepers and the animals in their care - the hippos, giraffes, red pandas and tigers, taking in all of the experiences behind-the-scenes," she added.

Dressed like one of the birds, in a black tux and white shirt, Mercer even tempted one of the penguins' with a fish to help it catch up with the others during the walk.

The Calgary Zoo walks the penguins on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 a.m. for exercise and a fundraising program.

The episode will air on Tuesday, February 19.

Here's a look at Mercer fulfilling his honorary duties as keeper of the day with the Calgary Zoo penguins:

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  • Rick entices one of the penguins with a fish to help it catch up to the others. - Calgary Zoo

  • Hey, where's my fish!

  • Almost at the end of the walk.

  • Another straggler but Mercer is out of fish.

  • Rick says goodbye to his new friends.

  • Waiting for the last few penguins to join the walk, like a gentleman.

  • Following the fish seems like a good rule.

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