02/13/2013 09:23 EST | Updated 04/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Rachel Zoe finds a new muse without fully changing her tune

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Rachel Zoe went a little more tailored — and a little tougher — for the new season, shaking off some of the bohemian rock-star girlfriend that she has often given the crowd at New York Fashion Week.

Her runway Wednesday did lend a nod to "rock 'n' roll underground London." She clearly likes music and the 1970s style, too, but she said in her notes she also found inspiration in "the equestrian lifestyle."

That translated into lovely shades of caramel chocolate brown and dark green, especially rich in leather. A pair of pleated leather pants was paired with a cozy fisherman sweater.

For dressing up, the stylist-designer-reality TV star offered a white beaded cocktail dress, and a black jersey maxi dress with a keyhole opening on both the front and back. A sweatshirt-shaped grey sweater with embellished sleeves looked sharp with wide-legged grey flannel pants.

A black-and-white tweed coat with an oversized bow at the neck, white blouse and black leather trousers was an outfit one could immediately imagine Zoe wearing.

"I'm showing you kind of the girl that every girl I know wants to be," Zoe said in a backstage interview. "I know I want to be every girl in this show and that's always my mission as a designer is to just make clothes that, like, girls covet and want to wear and don't go out of style and feel that are special."


Nicole Evatt contributed to this report.