Update, Feb. 17: HuffPost Canada has confirmed the prizes for 2013, including 100 MasterCards.

Patience, Canada. Tim Hortons' iconic Roll Up The Rim contest is only a few days away, with the company confirming that things will get 'rolling' on February 18th.

A number of blogs have speculated about the prizes that will be given away for this year's edition of Roll Up The Rim, though the company has denied their accuracy.

Tim Hortons' official Twitter account has also been drumming up anticipation with this tweet:

Considering the company's recent forays into social media success, with their Ryan Gosling mug and Jason Priestley creation, there's no doubt this year's contest will bring a whole new online element.

And as for their tease, it looks like it's already working, with more than 60 retweets and climbing. Check out these other Canadians ready to get rolling.

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  • kylee johnson

    #RollUpTheRim starts monday!!! Its that time of the year again :D

  • Eugene Lawrence

    Hey @TimHortonsUS #RolluptheRim is 4 days away why don't any of your store have any advertisement up?

  • David Milgraum

    @whylevi I'm not sure if I'm more excited for the return of #Survivor or Timmy's #Rolluptherim

  • Mitchell DesRoches

    When does #RollUpTheRim start?? #boutthattime #tims #winnerwinnerchickendinner

  • rebecca ∞

    I don't know if I wanna serve someone a coffee in something that's been chewed on.. #rolluptherim http://t.co/J88GVgGY

  • ❥Keyia

    4 days 'til #rolluptherim starts ..more exciting than #valentinesday

  • Dylan Michael

    ahh the time of year where I spend $999 dollars on coffe hoping to never have to pay for a coffee again #rolluptherim #timhortonsyoubitch

  • Matea Kokorovic

    #RolluptheRim starts Monday. #MajorFail for making it start after midterms. @TimHortons

  • Brittany Enzlin

    You know you're a Canadian when you get seriously excited for #RolluptheRim starting!! :D #canadianprobs

  • allison currie

    I never win a damn thing except a coffee or a donut. Yet I am excited every year for #RollUpTheRim

  • Nicole Dalli

    I have to find my rim roller! "@TimHortons: In tRRRaining... #RollUpTheRim http://t.co/l1zeaWj6"

  • Taylor Walton

    How did #RollUpTheRim creep up on me this year? You will definitely not be forgotten though #allmineprecious

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