02/15/2013 09:10 EST | Updated 04/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Funeral home faces opposition at new location

A funeral home that has operated in Vancouver for a century is facing opposition from some residents in its new neighbourhood who say the business will hurt property values.

Kearney Funeral Services has already started remodeling a 90-year-old brick building across from the Vancouver Police Department at Cambie Street and W. 2nd Avenue.

The company plans to host funerals and memorials at the location, but says there won’t be any embalming or cremations done on-site.

But the funeral home’s association with death has sparked an online petition, flyers, and an angry anonymous letter to the company.

"There's a big segment of the population that doesn't want to live next to a funeral home,” said Jeffrey Scott, who lives in the building upstairs and signed the petition.

“That kind of kills any future potential of buyers if I do decide to sell."

Kearney Funeral Services director Trevor Crean says his family has been in business for 105 years in Vancouver and will be good neighbours.

"We've not once had anyone kick in our door saying we've brought their condo value down."

Real estate consultant Richard Wozny of Site Economics, who has advised property developers for 30 years, says there's no evidence a funeral home will hurt property values.

“I've done over 1,000 large-scale real estate developments and in all those years, I can say with authority, something as innocuous as locating a funeral home near residential uses would never and could never have a negative influence on property values,” he said.

Kearney Funeral Services has posted letters in the building telling neighbours they'll have an open house soon.