Margo Husby-Scheelar Death: University Of Calgary Professor's Fatal Fight With Swine Flu

02/18/2013 09:53 EST | Updated 04/20/2013 05:12 EDT
University Of Calgary
CALGARY - A battle with a virus that was at the centre of a pandemic has killed a prominent professor at the University of Calgary.

Family members confirm that Margo Husby-Scheelar, who was 64, died in hospital last Wednesday from H1N1, also known as swine flu.

Husby-Scheelar, who was in the university's department of communication and culture, had been in intensive care for about a month.

Her death is believed to be the first related to the virus in the city since the pandemic erupted in 2009.

There have been 15 reported cases of H1N1 in the Calgary area since the current flu season began in September.

The pandemic occurred when an outbreak in Mexico spread across North America, prompting widespread inoculations.