02/21/2013 10:06 EST | Updated 04/23/2013 05:12 EDT

Out of bounds skiers rescued on Cypress Mountain

Two skiers were rescued from Cypress Mountain Thursday, after getting stuck in steep terrain out of bounds on Vancouver's North Shore.

Andrew De Leon and a friend were trapped on the mountain for six hours after going out of bounds in the Glades, high up on the slopes, after lunch.

De Leon admits they made a mistake.

"My buddy wanted to go down and I said, 'No, stay, because you know what? It's trouble. I saw an 'Extreme' sign and it's trouble,'" he said.

"So when you're up there, you gotta really think of where you're going and you gotta stay in bounds, or you're going to be in some serious crap."

Tim Jones of North Shore Rescue said the pair should count their blessings.

"They're very lucky they're alive and we're very thankful that no one on Cypress or North Shore Rescue was hurt in the operation also," he said.

The area the pair found themselves in is known as Brittany's Couloir, after a high school student who died after going out of bounds there in 1996.

Concerns are growing that too many people are going out of bounds. This latest case comes only two months after the rescue of a 33-year-old snowboarder who was stranded out of bounds on Cypress Mountain for two days.

The Canadian Avalanche Centre also reported more extreme weather conditions in the area than expected Thursday, with up to 21 centimetres of snow.

North Shore rescue hopes today's rescue serves as a warning to others to stay in bounds on what's expected to be a busy ski weekend.