Dozens of naked people took a 50-metre plunge into a Vancouver Island canyon Sunday – all for a good cause.

The annual Nanaimo naked bungee jump is a fundraiser for mental health initiatives.

Hazel Meredith, Executive Director of the Victoria branch of the B.C. Schizophrenia Society said there is a logical connection between the event and the cause.

“When we talk about mental health, often people are fearful of talking about it. So we say, ‘Lets strip away some of the stigma and talk about some of the issues facing people with mental health and their families.’”

Meredith said they raised about $7,500 last year.

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  • Goldeneye Bungee, Switzerland

    Brosnan took this leap for his blockbuster turn as super spy James Bond and many people have since. One of the world's most popular jumps, the Goldeneye leap is also one of its most popular. This is the perfect spot for the eager beginner and for anyone looking for a long fall. The view of the mountains ain't half bad either.

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  • Macau Tower, China

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