OTTAWA - It's not yet moving to the sometimes hideous pictorial warning labels seen on cigarette packaging, but Ottawa wants to get the message across that tanning beds can be hazardous to your health.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq says Health Canada will soon require that all tanning beds carry warnings about skin cancer and other potential dangers.

The proposed changes come after several provinces moved to prevent the use of tanning beds by young people.

Nova Scotia already bans people under 19 from using tanning beds while Manitoba requires written parental consent before anyone under 18 can use them.

And earlier this month, legislation took effect that would ban those under 18 from using tanning beds in Quebec. Ontario and British Columbia have announced plans for similar laws.

France, Germany and Australia also have bans in place affecting younger people.

Using indoor tanning equipment before age 35 significantly increases the risk of developing melanoma skin cancer, according to research by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Canada's proposed tanning bed labels don't forbid their use, but instead warn the devices are "Not recommended for use by those under 18 years of age."

The labels would also read: "Tanning Equipment Can Cause Cancer," and carry a list of other health risks associated with tanning.

"The Harper Government is committed to protecting the health and safety of Canadian families," said Aglukkaq.

"Young adults should be concerned about the health risks associated with the use of tanning beds, including skin cancer."

A public comment period on the proposals will close in early May with regulations expected to be posted later this year.

The regulation of tanning beds for commercial use falls under provincial jurisdiction. However, Health Canada regulates the sale, lease and import of tanning beds under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act and Regulations.

"Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, but it's also one of the most preventable," said Canadian Cancer Society president Pamela Fralick.

"Stronger labelling and clearer information about the dangers of tanning beds may reduce the number of young Canadians exposed to this carcinogen, and this is an important step in the right direction."

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  • Canada

    Health Canada doesn't recommend tanning equipment for those under 18. In addition, children under 16 years should not use tanning equipment. According to a new proposal,<a href=""> warnings about cancer risks and other ill-health effects will soon be on tanning beds</a> across the country.

  • Newfoundland And Labrador

    The Personal Services Legislation dictates that <a href="">those under 19 cannot use tanning beds</a>, and requires any facilities to post signs about health risks.

  • Prince Edward Island

    Tanning beds are banned for anyone under 18 years of age in this province which <a href="">has the country's highest rate of melanoma</a>, according to the CBC.

  • Nova Scotia

    The Nova Scotia Tanning Beds Act of December 2011 banned <a href="">anyone under the age of 19 from using tanning beds</a>, and required each facility to post notices to that effect.

  • New Brunswick

    New Brunswick's voluntary guidelines include <a href="">banning those under the age of 18, as well as those with fair skin</a>.

  • Quebec

    <a href="">Minors are banned from using tanning equipment</a> in the province of Quebec.

  • Ontario

    While some municipalities in Ontario have already banned minors from tanning beds, <a href="">the province passed legislation preventing those under 18</a> from using them last year.

  • Manitoba

    <a href="">Minors under age 18 are banned from using tanning equipment</a> without written consent from their parents or guardians.

  • Saskatchewan

    <a href="">Saskatchewan doesn't have regulations banning anyone from using tanning equipment</a>, but does have guidelines that recommend those under 18 shouldn't be using the beds.

  • Alberta

    Alberta does not yet have regulations for tanning beds in the province, though <a href="">many groups are urging them to adopt similar legislation</a> banning minors.

  • British Columbia

    <a href="">Those under 18 are banned from using tanning beds</a> in order to prevent skin cancer, unless they have a medical prescription for using the equipment, such as in the case of psoriasis.