Morale among B.C. Liberals has taken another hit after Premier Christy Clark's deputy chief of staff quit Friday.

"Today, I accepted the resignation of Kim Haakstad," said Clark in a news statement. "Kim reached her decision after much consideration of her roles and responsibilities."

Haakstad will not be receiving severance pay.

On Wednesday, B.C. NDP leaked documents detailing an outreach strategy orchestrated by government staffers to win ethnic notes in May's upcoming provincial election.

The 17-page memo was sent from Haakstad to eight people. It detailed plans to handle ethnic media and to identify and correct historical wrongs like Komagata Maru incident from May 1914.

The ethnic vote plan was widely criticized by politicians and members of Vancouver's Chinese community. Clark issued an apology on Thursday.

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Check out the Twitter reactions to the ethnic vote plan:

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  • Neil Khare

    Dear Christy Clark: if you'd like my Ethnic vote it's up for grabs in exchange for 7 Samosas and some Butter Chicken....

  • James Gemmill

    Dear Christy Clark: It's over. #bcpoli

  • Mallory McLean

    They are trying to demonize Premier Christy Clark but it won't work because she is the best thing that's happened to B.C. We're booming.

  • Scott Alexander Ross

    This is purely about BC Liberals on the right attackin BC Liberals on left. Forced-to-resign Haakstad was from federal Liberal side #bcpoli

  • Norman Spector

    Good move “@jonathanfowlie: Premier Christy Clark’s deputy chief of staff Kim Haakstad has resigned, The Vancouver Sun has learned. #bcpoli”

  • Sean Smith

    TIMBERRRRR! RT @matvic: Deputy chief of staff for Christy Clark, Kim Haakstad, has resigned #BCpoli

  • GarryValk23

    Kim Haakstad memo says a #canucks win against LA will be "quick win" for Libs in making voters happy, in particular the ethnic fans #bcpoli

  • Dean Skoreyko

    Problem for BC Liberals is that Christy Clark's gal-pal Kim Haakstad knows where all the bodies are buried

  • Zach Poturica

    Glad to see Kim Haakstad resign as Premier's Deputy Chief of Staff, Nobody In that office personally more dishonest to me than her #bcpoli

  • Steve Burgess

    Premier Clark's deputy chief Kim Haakstad resigns. Quick win! #bcpoli

  • Steve Burgess

    I guess firing Kim Haakstad isn't so much a quick win for Premier Clark--more of a scratch-and-win. #bcpoli

  • Ian Alexander Martin

    Hmmm… {checks clock and calendar} —> RT @CBCSmart: Christy Clark Deputy Chief of Staff Kim Haakstad has resigned. #cbc #bcpoli

  • Ayesha Haider

    Token apologies, quick fixes & resignations abound! RT@jonathanfowlie: Christy Clark’s deputy chief of staff Kim Haakstad resigned. #bcpoli

  • wendy parry

    looks like Christy Clark tenure as premier has been an unmitigated disaster, how much longer will she last? #bcpoli

  • brandonspeck

    Christy Clark just fouled out with a charge, or what they said was a charge. FYI, against a girl that has hammered folks all night.

  • Richard Hub Hughes

    Christy Clark led BC Liberal's are in complete meltdown. Will the caucus dump her? Will she step down? #bcpoli

  • Ray Straatsma

    'Quick win' now means 'game over' for CC & bc libs?

  • Lady B

    Christy Clark wants to know what went wrong with docs proposing false apologies to ethnic groups. Ill save you time - you got caught!

  • William Lloyd

    Christy Clark looks ridiculously tired. It is like she has aged 10 years in the last week and a half. #bcpoli #cdnpoli

  • Not Steve Harper

    No way Christy Clark could've known about the ethnic voter outreach plan, only a rogue staffer could engage so many departments #BCpoli

  • Not Steve Harper

    I advise Christy Clark to take responsibility for her ethnic voter outreach plan & fire a sacrificial staffer, just like I would. #BCpoli

  • Celeste Côté

    Lemme get this straight: Christy Clark prorogued the legislature for >5 months, comes back & is mired in scandal? What a gong show, #bcpoli

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