After months of anticipation, dazzling campaign ads and plenty of Canadian buzz, Target is set to open its first Canadian stores on Tuesday, March 5, 2013.

Executives of the U.S. discount giant made the announcement early Monday morning. Three stores will open sooner than many of us expected in Ontario. They're located in Guelph, Fergus and Milton. Other stores will open to the public by mid-March.

So what can you expect to get your hands on at Target Canada? Lots of brands and items that were previously unavailable north of the U.S. border, like Sonia Kashuk's cosmetics and makeup brushes, Nate Berkus' decor items and Target's own Archer Farms food line.

You can also shop for Canadian brands like Roots.

Target's Canadian store-opening roll-out will continue in Ontario throughout March and April, and will move west by mid-to-late 2013. The company will eventually open in Quebec as well. Executives plan to see 125 to 135 locations open in old Zellers' locations across the country. (Check to see if Target Canada will be opening a store near you.)

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  • Pixi Cosmetics

  • Pixi Cosmetics

    <a href="">Learn more about the U.K.-based cosmetics line here</a>

  • Roots

  • Roots

    Target Canada and Roots, going hand in hand! In case you're not familiar with this favourite Canadian brand, <a href="">check them out here</a>.

  • Giada De Laurentiis

  • Giada De Laurentiis

    Check out more of the beloved chef's <a href="">kitchenware line for Target here</a>.

  • Nate Berkus

  • Nate Berkus

    See more of <a href="">Nate Berkus' decor and design items here</a>.

  • Archer Farms

    Find out more information on <a href="">Target's in-house food brand here</a>.

  • Shaun White

  • Threshold

    <a href="">Sheets, and pillows, and platters</a> - oh my!

  • Kate Young

    This line designed by Natalie Portman's stylist <a href="">was just announced this week</a>. It will be the first collaboration available in Canada, hitting stores in April.

  • Sonia Kashuk

  • Sonia Kashuk

    Don't know about Sonia Kashuk's makeup brushes and cosmetic line yet? <a href="">You'll become very familiar with them</a>.

  • Market Pantry

    Another in-house brand for Target, <a href="">Market Pantry offers essentials</a> like breads, cereals, water, and much more.

  • Up & Up

    Did someone say cleaning supplies? Or baby wipes? <a href="">The Target-based Up & Up will be a serious competitor</a> for other home essential lines when they hit Canada.

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