03/06/2013 03:57 EST | Updated 05/06/2013 05:12 EDT

Shop using social media to stop thefts from store

A Lower Sackville, N.S. motorcycle supply shop is blazing a new trail in the fight against theft, using the power of social media to help catch suspected shoplifters.

In the last week, Sally Swinamer, owner of Riding in Style Leather, said she has had nearly $500 worth of merchandise stolen.

She and her husband would like to speak to two women who are seen entering the store, one carrying a relatively thin jacket over her arm.

In the video when the women leave a short time later, the jacket appears to be covering something bulky.

The couple said they're not accusing the women, but say they did appear to be hiding something under that jacket.

Jimmy Swinamer said they have contacted police but said using social media is smart business.

“It's actually faster than what the police can be, because due to the fact that it's not what you would call a significant theft in their books,” he said.

“When you are running a small family business like my wife does, every cent that comes in we put back into stock so when you lose something it hurts the pocketbook. It has to come from somewhere.”

Swinamer said she has seen business increase, in part, because of the rise in popularity of the biker-based television show Sons of Anarchy.

“One thing leads to another and more people watch the program they download it, they watch it on Netflix, they buy the [DVDs],” said Swinamer.

“It's just caught on like wildfire not necessarily for bikers. It's just a really good program and I guess there's not a lot of places selling the Sons of Anarchy clothing so it brings in the bad I guess with the good.”

Swinamer's husband posted store security video on Facebook where biker clubs are now sharing it.

“I just hope it leaves a message that you can't go around doing this to people. It doesn't matter who you are stealing from, it's no better to steal from somebody big but then to steal from anybody small either, but I just hope they get the message that you can't treat people like that it's just wrong,” she said.

The security video is making the rounds on social media but the Swinamers still don't know who the women are or what was under the jacket