03/09/2013 09:01 EST | Updated 05/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Coach's Corner: Fighting still has its place in hockey

Don Cherry thinks fighting should still be in hockey, but that doesn't mean he likes what Toronto Maple Leafs tough guy Frazer McLaren did to Dave Dziurzynski of the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday night.

In the latest edition of Coach's Corner on Saturday night, Cherry said that players and fans still enjoy a good tustle.

"Fighting's in the game," he said. "Fighting should be in the game."

However, the Hockey Night in Canada commentator admitted McLaren broke the code by getting into a bout with the Senators rookie.

The six-foot-five heavyweight took on six-foot-three Dziurzynski, ending the fight violently and decisively when he caught Dziurzynski with a right to the chin, toppling him face down.

Dziurzynski was slow getting up and eventually needed help from two teammates to skate off the ice. He did not return to the game, with the Senators citing a concussion as the reason for his absence.

"This kid is just up from the American Hockey League, he's had nine games, he's got two goals by the way. … McLaren should never have done that," Cherry said. "I'm telling him right now I love the guy, but you don't do that."

He also had some encouraging words for the Senators' winger.

"[Bob] Probert, when he first started, I saw him get knocked out cold by Todd Ewen," Cherry said. "They had to lift him up and carry him. Don't you quit, you gotta get right back on again."