03/09/2013 01:05 EST | Updated 05/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Metis people celebrate supreme court ruling on land

About 100 people greeted Manitoba Metis President David Chartrand at Winnipeg's Richardson International Airport Saturday morning, to celebrate a Supreme Court ruling that found the Federal Government failed in its land obligations to the Metis people.

Chartrand was in Ottawa on Friday for the historic Supreme Court decision.

The ruling settled a decades-long dispute stating the federal government failed to live up to its constitutional obligations in its handling of parcels of land to children of Manitoba's Red River Metis people in the 1870s.

As a result the Federal Government faces lengthy negotiations over thousands of square kilometres of land in the province, including all of what is present-day Winnipeg.

Chartrand has said his people do not want the land, but he does believe compensation has to be made.

Saturday, members of the Metis community gathered at the site of Louis Riel's grave where a ceremony was held.

"This is definitely a great reception to come and meet my people and bring home something we've been waiting 143 years for," said Chartrand. "I want to place this decision at his [Louis Riel's] gravestone and show our great respect for the man that gave us life and at the end of the day, vindication is there for him."

The group held another celebration at the St. Boniface Cathedral.