03/10/2013 03:33 EDT | Updated 05/10/2013 05:12 EDT

RCMP scour N.S. home for human remains in old case

The RCMP have confirmed an extensive search of a property on Prospect Road in Shad Bay is connected to a missing person cold case, and they’re looking for human remains.

Police have been at the site for four days now. They’ve used cadaver dogs, excavators, and shovels to dig up the back yard.

Police spoke to the media for the first time Sunday, after days of being tight-lipped about their work at the home. They wouldn’t specify whose remains they believe may be at the home. They also won’t say if they’re looking for more than one person.

Early Sunday afternoon, the medical examiner left the scene carrying several pails and sifting equipment, reported the CBC’s Michael Dick.

Police said they’ll remain at the home as long as it takes to complete their work. They also wouldn’t reveal what lead them to the house.

The property at 4117 Prospect Road is owned by Thomas Arthur Johnson. The Johnson family has owned the house for decades.

McAndrew connection

There’s been speculation the case is connected to the disappearance of Kimberley McAndrew. The 19-year-old was last seen in August 1989, when she was leaving her job at Canadian Tire on Quinpool Road in Halifax.

The McAndrew family told CBC Saturday they have heard from the police, but the RCMP did not confirm a connection between the two cases. Instead, police were warning the family they may hear from the media in the coming days.