03/12/2013 08:12 EDT | Updated 05/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Toronto falling short on recyling goal

Toronto has fallen short of a waste-diversion goal it set several years ago, though city officials say residential households are doing an admirable job of recycling.

The city had set a goal of diverting 70 per cent of its residential waste from landfill by 2010. At this point, however, the percentage is hovering around the 50 per cent mark.

Jim Harnum, the city's general manager of solid waste, said that people living in residential homes are well ahead of

Torontonians living in apartments and condos when it comes to recycling.

"Right now, the single-family homes are doing great, they’re at 64 per cent," Harnum told CBC News in an interview.

But Harnum said that multi-residential buildings are at just 25 per cent.

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