03/13/2013 10:04 EDT | Updated 05/13/2013 05:12 EDT

One of Magnotta's lawyers asked to drop the case

Luka Magnotta's preliminary hearing took another emotional turn Wednesday as the court looked into the possibility of a conflict of interest regarding one of the defence lawyers.

A court-ordered publication ban limits what can be reported from the courtroom.

Judge Lori-Renée Weitzman asked defence lawyer Luc Leclerc and his colleagues to consider the conflict of interest issue that was brought up in court Tuesday.

After a break, a shaken Leclerc addressed the court but was interrupted by the judge who asked if he would like a recess. Leclerc decided to keep addressing the court.

He only managed to say a few words before falling back into his chair and breaking down in tears.

The judge ordered bailiffs to clear the courtroom so Leclerc could collect himself.

The defence lawyer later told the court that his coworker, Raphael Feldstein, would excuse himself from the case in the best interest of the court proceedings.

Still emotional, he thanked Feldstein for his spirit and assistance.

The preliminary hearing resumes Thursday morning.