03/13/2013 11:25 EDT | Updated 05/13/2013 05:12 EDT

Police find 2 more corpses in Surrey, B.C., dumping area

Lower Mainland homicide investigators were called Wednesday morning to a remote, dead-end stretch of Colebrook Road in Surrey, B.C., for the third time this year, after two more bodies were found.

Sgt. Jennifer Pound of the integrated homicide investigation team said Surrey RCMP officers were conducting a patrol at about 2 a.m. PT Wednesday in an area of South Surrey that has been used twice this year as a dumping ground for bodies.

During the patrol, an officer located a man's body at the side of Colebrook Road near 125A Street.

More police were then called in, and a police dog team located a woman's body as well a short distance away.

Pound said both victims appeared to have met with foul play. Police have not yet been able to identify them.

“Until the identity has been determined, investigators will not know the connection, if any, today’s victims have to each other or to the other two victims found recently in this area,” Pound said in a written statement.

2 bodies found earlier in 2013

IHIT investigators were already called out twice this year to Colebrook Road, a remote rural stretch near the Serpentine River, south of the Panorama Ridge neighbourhood and north of Mud Bay.

In January, a body was found off Colebrook Road near 123rd Street. Homicide investigators identified that victim as 26-year-old Jaskaran Singh Sandhu. Police said he was the victim of a targeted attack.

In February, a badly-burned body was found off Colebrook Road near 125th Street. Police identified that victim as 29-year-old Amritpal Saran, of Delta. Police said the man was known to them, but had no known gang affiliations.

Police were also called to investigate a violent attack on a Surrey sex trade worker along Colebrook Road in October.

In February, police released sketches of two South Asian men who allegedly drove her to Colebrook Road near 128th Street, and physically and sexually assaulted her. She was taken to hospital with serious injuries.