Some B.C. cars have been spotted with bright yellow “C” signs to signify "Chinese drivers." The question is, are they funny or "slightly racist"?

Reddit user VanCityActivist uploaded a "slightly racist" photo Monday of the spoof of ICBC’s learner’s "L" and novice "N" signs that new drivers are required to display on their cars or motorcycles.

Note the questionable use of the ICBC logo on this version.

The photo was reportedly spotted on Vancouver’s Davie Street and drew mixed reactions — mostly praising its humour — from users of the popular social sharing website.

"I actually knew a girl who would put one on her car because the people who assumed Chinese driver = bad would give her room/wouldn't tailgate or cut her off," said Reddit user dorkofthepolisci. "Basically, using other people's racist assumptions to her advantage."

In true Reddit fashion, it didn’t take long for someone to use the moment to fold in a reference to the popular "high expectations Asian father" meme.

"C driver? Y U NO A+ DRIVER?" wrote one user.

Different variations of the "Chinese driver sign" have been spotted throughout the Lower Mainland. For those who want to pick up their own, we hear they’re easy to find in Asian car accessory stores across Vancouver and Richmond.

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