03/15/2013 02:21 EDT | Updated 05/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Stunning footage of lynx staring into Banff window

A photographer and Parks Canada employee caught some incredible images of a lynx and her kitten earlier this month.

Conservation officer Alex Taylor was called to Deer Lodge, near Lake Louise, Alta. because of a wildlife concern.

When he got there it looked like a lynx was staring into a basement window at the hotel.

Taylor says he believes the female lynx may have thought her reflection was another animal, possibly a threat to her kitten.

Deer Lodge employees helped to shut down the area until the female and kitten had left the area.

Some guests at the lodge took in the rare sight.

Though lynx are notoriously reclusive, in February Taylor captured more images of the animals, this time near a highway in Banff National Park.

Parks Canada say they believe, based on the photographs, that the pair at Deer Lodge are the same ones Taylor saw earlier this year.

The government agency wrote on social media that they think the lynx sightings may be because the cats are taking advantage of a snowshoe hare population in the park.

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