03/17/2013 04:57 EDT | Updated 05/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Delta police investigating pitbull attack that left officers injured

VANCOUVER - Delta police are investigating a pitbull attack after two dogs charged and injured two officers and a police dog Saturday night.

Police spokeswoman Const. Lisa Coupar (KOO-par) says the officers were on routine patrol (near Chester Road) in Delta when they were suddenly attacked by two pitbulls.

One officer was able to fend off a dog by hitting it with his baton, but his partner was unable to stop the second dog from biting his hand.

Coupar says after several attempts to defend himself and the police dog from the attack, the police officer was forced to shoot the pitbull.

She says police don't know if the attack was unintentional or if the pitbulls were deliberately released by their owners.

Two people have been arrested for attempting to obstruct the investigation into the dog attacks.

Police say one officer has been treated for a bite wound and possible broken bones, while the other officer sustained only minor injuries.