If you thought that Roll Up The Rim marriage proposal was the epitome of Canadiana romance, this story might change your mind.

Last weekend, Charlie and Natalie Aalders got married at a Tim Hortons in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

It was the same Timmies where the couple first met over cups of hot chocolate about two months before the nuptials, Kings Country News reports.

Charlie proposed on Valentine's Day by spray painting a heart in the snow and the lovebirds started prepping for a very Canadian affair.

Looking for something inexpensive but unique, they decided to go back where it all started.

“I’d say 95 per cent of the people thought it was an amazing idea. It’s different, original, fun,” Charlie told CBC News.

With the blessing of the location's owner, Charlie and Natalie said their "I do's" on March 16, surrounded by friends, family and unsuspecting customers. You can see the final moments of the ceremony in the video above.

Clearly not people who feel bound by tradition, the bride nixed a white gown for a springy floral dress, hot pink cardigan and matching sky-high heels with a netted blusher veil.

Now settling into married life, the couple has no regrets about their unconventional wedding.

“It’s something people will talk about,” Natalie told Kings Country News. “We can always come back here and have our coffee and remember it.”

We also bet that their bank accounts don't regret anything either. According to a recent survey, the average bride spent $28,427 on their wedding in 2012.

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