03/21/2013 09:47 EDT | Updated 05/21/2013 05:12 EDT

Save on Meats sandwich sign allegedly stolen by anarchists

One week after the windows of an East Vancouver pizzeria were allegedly smashed by an anti-gentrification group, the owner of an iconic Downtown Eastside butcher shop says he has been targeted by anarchists who have stolen his sandwich board.

"Someone sent me a picture of the sandwich board and a couple of guys in balaclavas," said Mark Brand, owner of Save on Meats. "I thought it was a joke. Not a joke."

Brand posted the photo on Instagram on Wednesday night.

"These anarchists stole our sign. Yes I'm serious. They won't stop until the capitalists leave the neighbourhood. I'm serious. They will be embarking on a mission to close save on meats," he wrote on Instagram.

"In all seriousness this sign is a real heart felt piece for the people who work with us. It makes them really sad that people would steal it and disrespect their living. ... Help me find it and spread the word fast."

Brand says there have been threats to his business before, with protestors accusing him of running a business that is driving prices up in a low-income community.

But Brand says Save on Meats does just the opposite — serving cheap meals and employing low income individuals.

"We know what we do here. Our metrics are very straight, and we're happy," Brand told CBC News. "I hope they bring our sandwich board back."

East Vancouver pizzeria targeted

Last week, a group called the Anti Gentrification Front, also known as the AGF, allegedly claimed responsibility for vandalizing a pizzeria on Commercial Drive.

Ryan Chilibeck, owner of the Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, said the windows of his pizzeria were smashed in September, October and most recently, last week.

Chilibeck said security camera footage shows people with their faces covered using a hammer to shatter the glass.

A blog post on the Anarchist News website claims that the Anti Gentrification Front is responsible.

The author of the blog post claims to be a member of the group and says the attack was inspired by the recent protests outside the Downtown Eastside restaurant, Pidgin.

Activists involved in those protests say they aren't connected to the group targeting Famoso.

"For all too long now yuppies have been peacefully going about their gourmet dinners, buying up their lucky condos and flaunting their wealth by driving around in expensive cars. We thought it would be great to remind them AGF is still here," the blog post read.

"So last night, for the third time, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria was attacked. Several of its windows and one of its cameras were smashed. Famoso thought that putting up their pathetic cameras would stop our attacks. They haven’t and never will. We are also inspired by the picketers of the new yuppie restaurant in the downtown east side called Pidgin. They have been giving yuppies a taste of the class war for weeks now."

Vancouver police say their technology crimes unit is examining the blog posts.