03/23/2013 10:08 EDT | Updated 05/23/2013 05:12 EDT

Don Cherry says if you wear a visor, don't cause trouble

If you want to wear a visor, mind your own business on the ice.

That was the message Don Cherry delivered on his Coach’s Corner segment of Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night in the wake of a Thursday incident that had the commentator annoyed.

“What bothers me is, when guys put on a visor they get tough,” the former Boston coach told host Ron MacLean. “All of a sudden they’re going to take on the world.”

In the early going of a Toronto-Buffalo game, Patrick Kaleta of the Sabres took a run at Matt Frattin, leaving his feet, and then took on Colton Orr of the Leafs, following a bout of yapping while lining up for a faceoff.

Kaleta was, in the coach’s opinion, acting brave because he had a visor on.

“Watch him turtle, watch him go down, watch him turtle now,” said Cherry, as the Buffalo player went down against Orr. “He’s got a big mouth.”

"Cherry refuted suggestions he’s against visors, a protective piece of equipment worn on the helmets of about 75 per cent of national leaguers these days.

Somehow or other it’s got out that I don’t like visors,” he said. “I don’t understand it. If you want to wear a visor, play it safe … [then] play it safe. There’s no problem.

“Don’t look for trouble. Don’t pick on my tough guys.”