03/25/2013 04:11 EDT | Updated 05/25/2013 05:12 EDT

Allergy season underway for Metro Vancouver

If you woke up today with a runny nose and itchy eyes, you're not alone. The sunny weather over the weekend meant the start of the allergy season for many residents of the Lower Mainland.

Dr. Bob Schellenberg, the head of the UBC Department of Medicine's division of allergy and clinical immunology, says most of the pollen in the air right now comes from alder trees, but other sources of pollens will soon follow.

"The alder's usually pretty much over by March, into early April, but we do have some birch which is the other main tree we have here, which cross reacts, and that can go throughout April," said Schellenberg

"Some people unfortunately don't get much of a break before the grass season's starting … mid-May to late May."

Allergy sufferers did catch a break earlier this year when the wet weather washed away some of the pollen, says Schellenberg.