Australian magazine is targeting plastic surgery in its latest editorial spread -- and it isn't exactly pretty.

The editorial called "Pull Yourself Together" was shot by photographer Baard Lunde and manages to make gorgeous model Jordan Almen look sinister and frightening by pulling at her flawless features with various contraptions.

One image shows Almen's skin being stretched by wires; another is reminiscent of Clockwork Orange as Almen poses with a maniacal, post-operative smile.

This isn't the first time high fashion has featured cosmetic surgery in its photo spreads. Tom Ford and Vogue Italia have both had plastic surgery-themed photo shoots in the past, with pictures that ranged from tongue-in-cheek to difficult to look at it.

Check out the photos from the editorial below and tell us what you think.

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Check out more controversial fashion shoots

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  • "Make Love Not War," Vogue Italia, September 2007

    <a href="">Steven Meisel's spread</a> was accused of glamorizing combat with couture.

  • "Storm Troupers," American Vogue, February 2013

    Annie Leibovitz's shoot intended to pay tribute to the heroes of Superstorm Sandy, <a href="">but was met with backlash</a> for downplaying the appearance of the service workers whom the feature purported to honor.

  • Lindsay Lohan In "The Last Sitting," New York Magazine, Spring 2008

    <a href="">NYMag recreated Marilyn Monroe's famous last photo shoot</a> with a thoroughly modern stand-in. Five years later, Lohan's still earning Marilyn comparisons.

  • Tim Tebow As "Sexy Jesus," GQ, September 2011

    Tim Tebow, sexy? Hardly a stretch. But <a href="">Tim Tebow as Sexy Jesus</a> certainly ruffled some feathers.

  • Azealia Banks, Dazed & Confused, September 2012

    This cover was <a href="">banned in seven countries before it was even released</a>. Guess why.

  • Lindsay Lohan For Tyler Shields, August 2011

    Watch your back, <a href="">Tyler Shields</a>. This controversy-courting photographer obtained a pretty unstable subject for this photo. Talk about a sticky situation.

  • "Water & Oil," Vogue Italia, August 2010

    We're starting to think it'd be harder for Steven Meisel to <em>not</em> offend his global audience. <a href="">His ill-advised tribute to the 2010 BP oil spill</a> tarnished more than just the garments involved.

  • "Victim Of Beauty," 12 Magazine, June 2012

    This editorial <a href="">intended to juxtapose special event makeup with special effects makeup</a>. 12 Mag's editor-in-chief <a href="">told the New York Post</a> that any comparisons to domestic violence were not intentional, but inferred by the reader.

  • Heather Morris For Tyler Shields, September 2011

    <em>Glee</em> star <a href="">Heather Morris appeared battered beyond belief</a> in Tyler Shields' photo story. These graphic images conjured up comparisons to victims of domestic violence, and Shields chose to auction off this photo, pledging the proceeds to "a top domestic violence charity."

  • "Extra Strength," Vogue Italia, December 2011

    Bearing the tagline "Body by Karlie," <a href="">Steven Meisel's take on the statueseque model</a> put Kloss' protruding pelvis on a pedestal. This image was later removed from <a href="">the Web version of Meisel's shoot</a> for the fear it induced.

  • Vogue Paris, August 2011

    We're well aware that modeling is an industry that favors the young. <a href="Thylane">Thylane Loubry Blondeau</a>, the <em>very</em> fresh face behind this racy editorial, was 10 at the time of her close-up.

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