03/27/2013 09:48 EDT | Updated 05/27/2013 05:12 EDT

Jail guard accused of smuggling steroids, Blackberry

A B.C. corrections officer has been charged with breach of trust in connection to allegations he smuggled contraband into Surrey Pretrial Services Centre.

According to documents obtained by CBC News, Sedrick Dang allegedly accepted bribes in order to deliver a screwdriver and anabolic steroids to inmates from March 2011 to November 2012.

The 25-year-old is also accused of smuggling a Blackberry, battery and charger into the facility, which houses some of the Lower Mainland's most notorious figures as they await trial.

Surrey Cpl. Bert Paquet said an investigation began last September when B.C. Corrections contacted the Serious Crimes Unit.

"It is very unusual. It is something we do not see very often," he said. "Obviously, there are rules and regulations in place from a Corrections perspective that definitely go through all kinds of protocols to ensure that these offences do not happen often. And it's definitely something that we do not see all that often."

Dang faces two counts of accepting bribes as well as two counts of breach of trust. The Burnaby man was released on $5,000 bail and ordered to surrender his passport.

Paquet says Dang has been suspended.

"It's definitely something that, right off the bat, B.C. Corrections took extremely seriously," Paquet said.

"This is a serious concern, not only for the safety of the officers involved — whether we're talking about police officers or Corrections officers — but definitely for public safety as well, and all the possible repercussions to such a charge."

The union representing corrections officers has complained in recent months about overcrowding in pretrial centres and the dangers facing guards dealing with violent inmates.

Dang makes his next appearance in April. He could not be reached for comment.