Good Friday is here, the day Christians around the globe commemorate Jesus dying for our sins.

This got us thinking, "There are lots of song about Friday. But how many of them are about Good Friday?"

We gave a thumbs up to our Pope Francis poster and then went on a spirit quest with our iPods. The result: 13 songs about Good Friday.

Check out the list below:

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  • The Cure "Friday I'm In Love"

    Lyric:<em>To see your shoes and your spirits rise</em> Jesus' spirit rose out of his body on Good Friday. He was probably in sandals, though.

  • Steely Dan "Black Friday"

    Lyric: <em>The Archbishop's gonna sanctify me</em> This song is actually about a failed financial ploy to flood the gold market in 1869 that left many investors broke, but it's got some religious imagery and an extremely literal lyric video.

  • Katy Perry "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"

    Well... she <em>does</em> say "TGIF," which means "Thank God It's Friday." We're pretty sure that qualifies.

  • David Bowie "Friday On My Mind"

    This song can't really be interpreted religiously, so please enjoy this image of David Bowie dressed as a pharaoh, who thought they were descendants of gods. So pretty close.

  • Megadeth "Good Mourning/Black Friday"

    What's more Good Friday-y than the colour black and the word "mourning" as interpreted by through speed metal? Not much.

  • R. Kelly "Thank God It's Friday"

    R. Kelly's wearing white like an angel, and "God" is in the title. And if there's anyone who needs to thank Jesus for dying on his behalf it's R. Kelly.

  • Big Tymers ft. Lil Wayne and Mack 10 "Good Friday"

    The last few lines seem particular poignant when taken in a religious context: <em>Why they have to pursue on Friday?</em> Why indeed.

  • Cowboy Junkies "Good Friday"

    Although it's doubtful that Jesus actually said "Enough of all this shit, I am going," this song is pretty on the nose.

  • Rebecca Black "Friday"

    If by "getting down" you mean "being buried," this song could totally be about Jesus.

  • Morrissey "Friday Mourning"

    Morrissey most likely wrote this about his own martyr complex. But Jesus<em> did</em> die on a Friday and people definitely mourned, so we're accepting it.

  • Hall and Oates "Friday Let Me Down"

    It's probably safe to say that Friday let Jesus down.

  • Ice Cube "Friday"

    Jesus was probably living on the edge on Friday. Bonus religious imagery when Ice Cube mentions Satan two lines later.