03/28/2013 10:26 EDT | Updated 05/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Montreal metro 'drinking marathon' probed by police

Montreal's public transit corporation (STM) is condemning a recent binge drinking session staged along its orange line, calling the incident dangerous and irresponsible.

Police are investigating the early March incident, which was promoted on website Mook Life as "the Montreal Metro Drinking Marathon – The Orange Line Derby."

The aim of the "race" — described in full on the website — consisted of competitors drinking one beer at every station of the line, starting at the Côte-Vertu terminal, and seeing which participant could make it the farthest.

Along the way, photos show them drinking, urinating, vomiting, pulling down their pants and walking on the metro tracks.

The Montreal police's metro unit chief Cmdr. Philippe Pichet said no one called 911 to alert the police.

But a recap of the event posted on the Mook Life website suggests that officials were aware of the the party-goers.

"Only at the second stop Du Collège and we’re already hearing the metro intercom announcing our presence to security. I guess it might just be a matter of time before we all get rounded up and this marathon stops short due to technical difficulties," the posting read.

Photos also show what appears to be an STM agent inside a ticket booth while one of the participants climbs on top.

'Puking is allowed'

The event’s online description listed a number of rules, including a protocol for vomiting: “Puking is allowed, but you need to advise the rest of the group before vomiting so that everyone can enjoy the performance.”

Isabelle Tremblay, spokeswoman for the STM, says she cannot comment on whether the metro’s security guards intervened.

“All these elements are being looked at by the SPVM in collaboration with the STM,” she said.

Pichet said the event was very dangerous and the participants could face charges under municipal laws, criminal laws and the laws governing the STM.

Police are asking public for help in identifying the individuals involved.