03/31/2013 11:38 EDT | Updated 05/31/2013 05:12 EDT

Family's Easter decorations have neighbour hopping mad

A family in Dartmouth, N.S., is firing back with a festive flair after an anonymous letter called their Easter decorations too “tacky” for the calibre of the neighbourhood.

Decorating the house for holidays has always been a tradition for Lori Perron and her family and Easter is no exception. Coloured eggs line the porch railing and bunnies dot their front lawn.

But last month, someone wrote the Perrons a note criticizing their home.

"Dear homeowners,” the letter reads. "Before Easter comes, the community asks that you do not demoralize our subdivision and street with yet again, your very tacky decorations. Halloween and Christmas was enough. Perhaps you should consider that this area is a step above you.”

It was signed by “a concerned neighbour."

At first, Perron said she felt hurt by the letter.

“No one has the right to tell someone that they're not good enough to live in a different neighbourhood. What’s so great about this neighbourhood? Because we pay higher taxes?”

But then she decided to fight back with more decorations

“First I thought, ‘No, I won't decorate.’ And then I thought. ‘Yeah, I will, and I'll go worse, I will be tacky.’”

People who have heard her story are driving by to show support.

“I admire this lady because she said, 'I'm not taking the bullying, I'm me and I'm going to be me' and I think she needs support,” said Joan Keddie.

Passerby Don Clark said he’s pleased with Perron's boldness.

“We need people like this, with a good sense of humour. Isn't that life?” he said.

Perron said would like to meet the note writer.

“Whoever you are, knock on my door, come in, meet me, have a cup of coffee with me, have dinner with us and you'll realize life isn't that bad,” she said.

“Happy Easter to whoever you are.”

Despite the note, the family said they'll continue to decorate for each holiday.

They said they already have big plans for Canada Day.