04/01/2013 03:12 EDT | Updated 06/01/2013 05:12 EDT

Firms mark April Fool's Day with Google Nose, bacon mouthwash

Back in the day, April Fool's Day pranks used to be about sugar-filled salt shakers, plastic-wrapped toilets and staplers suspended in Jello.

But in the internet age, April Fool's Day has become a day for companies and organizations to show off their silly side with tongue-in-cheek videos, websites and product launches.

- Lululeather and .EH among Canadian twists on April Fool's Day

Google introduced its new project called Google Nose, a search engine for smells and aromas. It features an "aroma base" of over 15 million "scentibytes," ranging from lemon to wet dog to horse manure.

"In the fast-paced world we live in, we don't always have time to stop and smell the roses," says project manager Job Wooly. "Now with Google Nose Beta, the roses are just a click away."

YouTube announced it would be shutting down tonight, taking all of its video content offline. In an elaborately produced video — with cameos from YouTube celebrities such as Charlie from "Charlie Bit My Finger" and Judson Laipply from "Evolution of Dance" — the site revealed that after holding an eight-year contest, it was now ready to select the world's best video from among the submissions.

The company will reveal the winner in 2023 after it's had enough time to review all the videos.

WestJet said it will now be easing restrictions on flying with pets with its "Furry Family" program.

"Today, the definition of the family pet has grown to include animals beyond a dog or a cat and our more liberal approach will allow these guests and all their pets to move freely about the cabin," said said Richard Bartrem, vice-president of communications and community relations.

According to WestJet's promotional video, the pets now allowed on board include raccoons, goats and bears.

Even the Toronto Transit Commission got into the April Fool's spirit with its introduction of the "personal car," a subway car where riders will be allowed to do whatever they want, including put their feet up on the seats, talk loudly on cellphones, wear bulky backpacks and even clip their nails.

The personal car is only in effect until noon today,according to executive director of corporate communications Brad Ross, who eats fried chicken and plays loud music in a promotional video.

Several new products were also launched today. Scope introduced a bacon-flavoured mouthwash "for breath that sizzles." Sony unveiled its Animalia line of tech products for pets, including a re-invented hamster wheel that adjusts the tempo of in-cage music to your rodent friend's pace.