04/03/2013 02:07 EDT | Updated 06/03/2013 05:12 EDT

Doug Ford vows to seek Queen's Park seat

Coun. Doug Ford said Wednesday he would run for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives if Premier Kathleen Wynne were to call a May election, and his brother, Mayor Rob Ford, said he would support the political move.

The outspoken Ward 2 Etobicoke North councillor made the comments on a local Toronto radio station.

"Call an election, Kathleen Wynne, in May and I will run. I will guarantee it and we will defeat you,” Ford told AM640.

“We will make sure this province is going in the right direction," he said.

When asked about his brother's political plan, Rob Ford said, "It's good. He would make an excellent MPP following in my dad's footsteps."

Doug Ford Sr., was an MPP for the Mike Harris-led Progressive Conservative government from 1995 to 1999.

In the past, Doug Ford has made reference to a possible political future at Queen's Park. He previously told CBC News he turned down an offer from the Tories to run in the 2011 Ontario general election.

At the time the Ward 2 councillor said his energy was focused on helping his brother at city hall.

Ford's riding accounts for about half of the provincial Etobicoke North riding.

CBC provincial affairs reporter Mike Crawley said PC party officials told him a nomination meeting hasn't been scheduled for the riding.

Wynne seemed amused by Ford's statement when asked about it on Wednesday.

“I’m not planning an election in May," she said. "It’s our intention to govern. I wish any candidate who wants to throw his or her hat in the ring lots of luck.”

Urged to resign seat

Whenever Ford might set his sights on Queen's Park, Coun. Adam Vaughan said he should resign his seat on council.

"I've always believed that city councillors who try and use their office are doing a disservice to their constituents," the Ward 20 councillor said.

The mayor, meanwhile, said his brother's absence at city hall would be felt.

"I don't know who leans on who more. I lean on him, he leans on me, we work as a team. He would be a huge asset for the province."