04/05/2013 09:38 EDT | Updated 06/05/2013 05:12 EDT

AEK Athens football player gets 5-match ban for Nazi-style salute after scoring a goal

ATHENS, Greece - A Greek professional football player has received a five-match ban for giving a Nazi-style salute last month while celebrating a goal for struggling club AEK Athens.

A Greek Football Association disciplinary panel also ordered 20-year-old attacking midfielder Giorgos Katidis to pay a 1,000 euro ($1,300) fine and be banned from attending professional games for three months.

Katidis, a former under-21 national team captain, has been suspended by AEK until the end of the season and received a lifetime national team ban.

He has repeatedly apologized for his action, initially insisting that he was unaware the straight-hand salute was associated with Nazi Germany.

AEK is currently 12th in Greece's 16-team league with 30 points from 27 matches.