04/06/2013 06:05 EDT | Updated 06/06/2013 05:12 EDT

Possible Police Impersonator Arrested In Northern B.C.

detail of a police officer
Police in northern B.C. say they have arrested a man who may have been going around impersonating a police officer and, in one case, allegedly asking a motorist he pulled over for sexual favours.

RCMP Cpl. Craig Douglass said police took a man into custody Friday after identifying and locating a suspect in two recent disturbing incidents.

Douglass said investigators were seeking a man who drives a small black sporty vehicle equipped with flashing red and blue lights, who allegedly pulled motorists over one or possibly two times.

In the first incident, on Wednesday at approximately 11:30 p.m. PT, a motorist reported being pulled over by an unmarked police car flashing blue and red lights in the area of Foothills Boulevard and 1st Avenue. The motorist said that no one got out and, after about a minute, the unmarked car drove off.

In the second incident, about ten minutes later, the suspect allegedly stopped a female driver on Foothills Boulevard between 1st Avenue and the Foothills Bridge. The suspect threatened to take away her drivers license unless she complied with an indecent request.

"[He told her] that she was speeding and that he was going to have to take away her license and, in order to avoid that, he requested a sex act from this female, of which she refused, thankfully," Douglass said.

The man then allegedly asked her for $50 instead.

Douglass says the suspect also wasn't wearing a uniform, or carrying police tools such as a baton or a gun.

The suspect was described as a tall young man with darker skin and short, black, curly hair.

No charges have been laid.

Prince George RCMP said drivers can always call 911 if they are made to feel unsafe, or if they want to verify a police officer's identity.

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