He may have been knocked down a few pegs but Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall remains Canada's most popular provincial leader.

Results from an Angus Reid poll released Monday show there is no other premier or leader of a provincial opposition with as high an approval rating as Wall.

The polled gave Wall a 64 per cent approval rating, while 28 per cent of those canvassed disapproved of the Saskatchewan politician, and eight per cent said they weren't sure.

"Saskatchewan is the only province where a majority of respondents (64%) are satisfied with the performance of the premier. Wall’s rating has consistently surpassed the 60 per cent mark," the study said.

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  • 9. Kathy Dunderdale

    Newfoundland and Labrador: Premier and Progressive Conservative Party leader has a 25 approval rating, 73 disapproval and 3 per cent unsure, according to <a href="http://www.angusreidglobal.com/" target="_blank">numbers released by Angus Reid in April, 2013.</a>

  • 8. Christy Clark

    British Columbia Premier and BC Liberals leader 25 per cent approval, 67 per cent disapproval and eight per cent unsure.

  • 7. Alison Redford

    Alberta Premier and Progressive Conservative leader has 29 per cent approval rating, 66 per cent disapproval and 6 per cent not sure.

  • 6. Darrell Dexter

    Nova Scotia Premier and New Democratic Party (NDP) leader has 30 per cent approval, 62 per cent disapproval and 7 per cent not sure.

  • 5. Pauline Marois

    Quebec Premier and Parti Québécois leader has 33 per cent approval, 62 disapproval and 4 per cent unsure.

  • 4. Kathleen Wynne

    Ontario Premier and Liberal Party leader has 36 per cent approval, 37 per cent disapproval and 27 per cent unsure.

  • 3. Greg Selinger

    Manitoba: Premier and New Democratic Party (NDP) leader has 38 per cent approval, 49 per cent disapproval and 12 not sure.

  • 2. David Alward

    New Brunswick: Premier and Progressive Conservative leader has 41 per cent approval, 50 per cent disapproval and 9 per cent unsure.

  • 1. Brad Wall

    Saskatchewan Premier and Saskatchewan Party leader has 64 per cent approval, 28 per cent disapproval and 8 per cent unsure.

  • Robert Ghiz

    P.E.I. No numbers available.

Last time the numbers were out in December, Wall's rating was slightly higher at 67 per cent.

The next closest premier was David Alward from New Brunswick who finished second in the polls. By comparison, he garnered a measly 41 per cent approval rating.

In Saskatchewan, the approval rating for the incoming leader of the opposition and NDP Party, Cam Broten, was at 32 per cent.

Those numbers are still much higher than those garnered by Alberta Premier Alison Redford, who continues to free-fall in opinion polls, reaching an all-time low of 29 per cent approval rating.

By comparison, Alberta's leader of the opposition and Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith came in second across the country with an approval rating of 53 per cent.

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