04/09/2013 01:38 EDT | Updated 06/08/2013 05:12 EDT

Journey over for transatlantic rowers

Canadian Olympian Adam Kreek, part of a four-man team attempting to row across the Atlantic, is adjusting to life on land after his crew's boat capsized about 600 kilometres north of Puerto Rico.

The four endurance rowers — Adam Kreek of Victoria, Markus Pukonen of Tofino, B.C., Jordan Hanssen and Pat Fleming of Seattle — were 73 days into a 6,500-kilometre journey from Dakar, Senegal, to Miami.

The voyage was expected to take roughly 80 to 100 days, but was cut short when a rogue wave capsized their nine-metre ocean rowboat Saturday.

The crew activated a rescue beacon and were eventually picked up by the Panamanian-flagged automobile carrier Heijin.

The men arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sunday night.