04/09/2013 02:27 EDT | Updated 06/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Vancouver city council to vote on digital strategy

Vancouver City Council is expected to adopt a new digital strategy which aims to put most city services on the internet and offer Wi-Fi in parts of the city.

Services slated to go online include dog licensing, permit applications, and even participating in public consultations.

Other initiatives include free Wi-Fi in certain areas, better Internet access for low-income residents and an expanded open data program.

“I think all of us have had demands put on us in our workplaces to be better, or faster, or go further digitally and not always felt that we have the tools available to do that,” said councillor Andrea Reimer.

For the past five years, the library has offered wireless internet at its 22 locations. In four years, sessions increased from 178,000 to almost 600,000.

The digital strategy is expected to cost $30 million, and will not be fully implemented until 2016.