High tech companies dominate a new list of the best places to work in Canada from research and consulting group Great Places to Work.

Google Canada took the top spot on the list, repeating its winning performance from 2012, when it supplanted the previous top employer, Microsoft, which was No. 3 in 2013. AOL Canada, which owns The Huffington Post Canada, came in at No. 4 while Intuit, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and NetApp were among the list's top 10.

Bigger employers also made the top 50 list, though near the mid to bottom. Royal Bank of Canada, which has come in for severe criticism over a plan to outsource some staff at its Toronto office, ranked 44th on the list. It came in ahead of CIBC, at 50th place. Scotiabank ranked 33rd, while TD Bank came in at 24th, the highest ranking of any of the big banks.

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  • 50. CIBC

    39622 employees <a href="http://www.cibc.com" target="_blank">www.cibc.com</a> Industry: Financial Services & Insurance - Banking/Credit Services Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 46. Deloitte

    8719 employees <a href="http://www.deloitte.ca" target="_blank">www.deloitte.ca</a> Industry: Professional Services Ownership: Private

  • 45. Nestle

    2143 employees <a href="http://www.nestle.ca" target="_blank">www.nestle.ca</a> Industry: Manufacturing & Production - Food products Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 44. RBC

    55000 employees <a href="http://www.rbc.com" target="_blank">www.rbc.com</a> Industry: Financial Services & Insurance - Banking/Credit Services Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 33. Scotiabank

    34982 employees <a href="http://www.scotiabank.com" target="_blank">www.scotiabank.com</a> Industry: Financial Services & Insurance - Banking/Credit Services Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 24. TD Bank

    56229 employees <a href="http://www.td.com" target="_blank">www.td.com</a> Industry: Financial Services & Insurance - Banking/Credit Services Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 18. Starbucks Coffee Company

    14765 employees <a href="http://www.starbucks.ca" target="_blank">www.starbucks.ca</a> Industry: Retail - Specialty Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 14. McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited

    19860 employees <a href="http://www.mcdonalds.ca" target="_blank">www.mcdonalds.ca</a> Industry: Retail - Food/Grocery Ownership: Private

  • 10. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

    1639 employees <a href="http://www.fourseasons.com" target="_blank">www.fourseasons.com</a> Industry: Hospitality - Hotel/Resort Ownership: Private

  • 9. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Canada Corporation

    113 employees <a href="http://www.mbfs.ca" target="_blank">www.mbfs.ca</a> Industry: Financial Services & Insurance - Banking/Credit Services Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 8. Admiral Insurance

    467 employees <a href="http://www.joinadmiral.ca" target="_blank">www.joinadmiral.ca</a> Industry: Financial Services & Insurance - Auto Insurance Ownership: Private

  • 7. G Adventures

    146 employees <a href="http://www.gadventures.com" target="_blank">www.gadventures.com</a> Industry: Retail - Specialty Ownership: Private

  • 6. SAS Institute (Canada) Inc.

    298 employees <a href="http://www.sas.com/canada" target="_blank">www.sas.com/canada</a> Industry: Information Technology - Software Ownership: Private

  • 5. NetApp Inc.

    208 employees <a href="http://www.netapp.ca" target="_blank">www.netapp.ca</a> Industry: Information Technology - Storage/Data Management Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 4. AOL Canada

    85 employees <a href="http://www.aol.ca" target="_blank">www.aol.ca</a> Industry: Professional Services Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 3. Microsoft Canada Inc

    1142 employees <a href="http://www.microsoft.ca" target="_blank">www.microsoft.ca</a> Industry: Information Technology - Software Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

  • 2. Intuit Canada ULC

    404 employees <a href="http://www.intuit.ca" target="_blank">www.intuit.ca</a> Industry: Information Technology - Software Ownership: Private

  • 1. Google

    375 employees <a href="http://www.google.com" target="_blank">www.google.com</a> Industry: Media - Online Internet Services Ownership: Publicly quoted/held

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  • Braintree

    At Braintree, a company that helps online businesses process credit card payments, employees get to hang around in the 'Tree House Room.'

  • Campbell's Soup Company

    Employees at Campbell's enjoy their catered kitchen facilities.

  • Disqus

    Disqus, a global comment system that improves discussion on websites, has offices based in San Francisco. Their employees kick back in this room for a nap and the occasional massage.

  • Etsy

    Etsy, the online marketplace for all things hand-made or vintage, offers their employees use of this cozy lounge, as eclectic as many of the goods for sale on their website. Look no further than the banjo casually resting on the armchair.

  • Fab

    Fab.com, the e-commerce website that connects shoppers to products and designers, encourages employees to keep up an active lifestyle, even in the office.

  • Google

    Just another day up the rock wall at the Google offices.

  • Google

    Google even has a Dublin-pub-themed room for their employees.

  • Google

    The Mountain View location's bowling alley, complete with big screens and a multicolored light show.

  • Google

    If you just miss the descending elevator and happen to be in Google's Zurich offices, slide on down.

  • Groupon

    When they're taking a break, Groupon employees hang out in this woodsy lounge.

  • The Huffington Post

    The news never sleeps, but sometimes our reporters take cat naps. Check out our nap room here at the HuffPost offices in New York.

  • Microsoft

    This Microsoft employee is working from the garage meditation room; the simple design and ample space make it a great area to de-stress at work.

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft has a handle on the industrial hang-out space -- exposed vents and comfy couches.

  • Polyvore

    Employees take a break for a game of foosball at the offices of social-commerce site Polyvore.

  • Scholastic

    Scholastic Publishing has a lounge on the roof that makes for a nice lunch break on a sunny day.

  • Sqaure

    Square is an electronic payment service that allows users to accept credit cards using their mobile phones. Here, workers at Square put their feet up in the little cabanas at their offices.

  • TheLab

    TheLab, a media arts company, has an office dog named Lucy.

  • Velti

    Velti, mobile marketing and advertising company, has a spacious, modern rec room.

Some of reasons why the top companies fostered a positive workplace: Google gave employees a budget to spend as a team on something fun, Intuit gives employees 32 hours of paid volunteer time every year and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Canada Corp. does a '7th inning stretch" break once a week.

Wellness is a common theme: AOL Canada gives pedometers to employees who can earn cash through their daily movements. "With incredible growth of our team since 2010, we have put a large emphasis on the people we hire and the culture that we embody," AOL Canada general manager Graham Moysey said in a statement.

Great Place to Work based its results on two criteria: A 58-question survey handed out to employees at more than 300 nominated companies, and a detailed evaluation of companies’ culture and human resources policies.

"Regardless of size, industry or the current economic climate, each of these organizations has discovered that trust is the foundation for quality jobs and performance excellence,” Great Place to Work said in a statement. "And the good news is that high-trust relationships require behaviours that can be learned and embedded into any organization's culture.

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