04/10/2013 11:33 EDT | Updated 06/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Mad Men shops for P.E.I. vintage bed sheets

A Charlottetown entrepreneur was on the line recently with a high-profile customer.

Katharine MacDonald runs the shop Milk and Amber through the online marketplace Etsy. She recently made a sale of a 1966 edition of George Orwell's Animal Farm and vintage bed sheets.

"There was a note attached to the sale. This one said 'I work for a television show. Give us a call, thanks.' So I give them a call and they said well we would love to get these items real soon, I love your store it's really cool; we'll be checking back," said MacDonald.

"So I looked up the woman's name, and there it was: Mad Men set decorator."

The popular television show is set in the 1960s and has won several awards for art direction and production design.

MacDonald doesn't know when her items will appear on the set of Mad Men.

A Canadian collector in London, Ont. has had a similar experience. Last season, Mad Men's propmaster contacted vintage watch collector and seller Derek Dier looking for 24 timepieces. Dier came through for the show and said he took up an invitation to visit the set to help outfit different characters.