CALGARY - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he has concerns about the growing use of temporary foreign workers in Canada.

Harper says the reality is that some employers need to bring in outside workers to fill jobs.

But he says foreign workers should only be filling spots temporarily in fields where there are "absolute and acute" labour shortages.

Harper says reforms are being drafted to ensure the program is being used only for that purpose.

In 2012, there were more than 213,000 foreign workers in Canada and another 160,000 immigrants who arrived under the federal skilled worker program.

The rapid growth of the temporary foreign worker program has raised concerns that Canadian companies are filling job vacancies with cheaper workers from overseas rather than actively finding Canadians to fill the jobs.

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  • Olivia Chow

    #CPC encourages companies to hire foreign workers by allowing 15% lower wages, while making it harder for family reunification. #RBC

  • Jeff H

    If you bank with #RBC today is a good day to move to a credit union #BCPoli #Cdnpoli @OrcaCedarbough

  • Dino Zorzi

    Thanks to #rbc & foreign worker program. The case has been made for Canadian worker protection with unionized workplaces. Well done.#cdnpoli

  • Will

    Ottawa admits it approved request for migrant workers to replace #RBC employees #cdnpoli

  • Susan Delacourt

    I'm as annoyed as anyone about #RBC. But I'm also worried about whole "foreigners take our jobs" thing. History not on side of xenophobia.

  • Paul

    Just cancelled my #RBC MasterCard. I'll do my business elsewhere.

  • Mrsinister

    Note to #rbc. Stop talking. Saying things like "this is just normal business practice" is not helping. #cdnpoli

  • TheHarperGovernment

    If only someone outside My HarpGov knew how many of those "000s & 000s of new jobs" I brag about went to TFWs. If only. #awkward #rbc #tfw

  • Faye Hansen

    Banks got $114B from governments during recession And look how they pay us back. #RBC #cdnpoli #cpcfail