04/12/2013 04:27 EDT | Updated 06/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Anti-gentrification protester pepper sprayed in Vancouver

A protester outside the controversial Pidgin restaurant on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside was sprayed with pepper spray, but police are getting no help from the demonstrators figuring who did it or why.

The demonstrators have been making headlines over the last few weeks for protesting what they see as the gentrification of the low-income neighbourhood.

Const. Brian Montague says the victim and the other protesters have been uncooperative, so a motive for the attack is unclear.

"They wouldn't supply their names, they wouldn't supply a statement as to what happened... so we're left with a point here where we don't have a lot to work with."

Police will be asking local businesses if they have security video that may provide some clues.