04/12/2013 12:24 EDT | Updated 06/12/2013 05:12 EDT

More French immersion spaces demanded by parents

An advocacy group for French immersion education says there aren't enough spots for students who want to learn French and they are asking the government to legislate better access.

Canadian Parents for French has released a new report calling on the province to ensure every student has access to a French language education if he or she wants it.

Glyn Lewis, the executive director of the B.C. and Yukon Chapter of Canadian Parents for French says more and more students are choosing French immersion in B.C., but the places available are not keeping up with the demand.

"It's red hot. Quite honestly we're getting to a point in a lot of communities where demand is outstripping capacity," said Lewis.

He wants the B.C. government to make sure schools meet that demand by legislating a student's right to access a French immersion program.

"We appreciate that it's a big ask, but do we value it? We certainly do, and you look at the sheer volume of parents out there who are demanding that they can get access to these programs. We want to create these opportunities for them."

Lewis says parents in 13 communities throughout B.C. are fighting for new French immersion programs or more spaces in existing ones.

"To start saying no, you can't learn French, because the program is full, that would take a lot away from that child's opportunities."

The CPF is also calling for more online courses for students in remote areas, or those who can't physically attend classes.

In January the Vancouver School Board said it plans to expand French immersion in the district.