04/13/2013 05:43 EDT | Updated 06/13/2013 05:12 EDT

Body of daycare shooting victim being returned to France

The body of a man who was killed during last week's shooting inside a daycare in Gatineau, Que., will be repatriated to France on Monday, his family says.

Neil Galliou, 38, had been in Canada for about a year, learning about child care.

He was shot and killed at the daycare on 225 Gamelin St. by Robert Charron, the daycare director's spouse.

Galliou's father, Joël Galliou, told Radio-Canada by phone Saturday that the repatriation of their son's body has been a difficult and complex process.

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Quebec's workplace health and safety commission is giving his parents $25,000 each, since Neil Galliou died while he was working and had no spouse or children.

Family asking for privacy

His family had hoped Canadian authorities would pay to fly Neil Galliou's body home and help make the arrangements, Joël Galliou said.

Instead, they're using their own money to pay for it, Joël Galliou said. They're also trying to recover their son's personal items, including his paintings.

Joël Galliou said he sympathizes with the director of the daycare, and that he doesn't consider her responsible for the actions of her former spouse.

He also said his family is asking for privacy.

Earlier this week, representatives of Quebec's family ministry met with parents of children who were at the daycare to assist them in finding new child-care options, and to address their concerns.

It is unclear when the daycare will reopen.