04/15/2013 09:12 EDT | Updated 06/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Coquitlam Creek Sewage Spill Contaminates Fish Bearing Stream

COQUITLAM, B.C. - A broken sewage pipe has contaminated a fish-bearing stream in Coquitlam, B.C., prompting a demand for immediate federal cash to upgrade aging pipes and other infrastructure.

Mayor Richard Stewart says there's still no word how much sewage poured into Scott Creek, a tributary of the Coquitlam River, but he says the broken pipe carries one million litres daily, so officials know the spill is significant.

He says crews from the Ministry of Environment and Fraser Health were at the scene, in Coquitlam's northwest corner, on the weekend to ensure the public is not at risk.

Stewart agrees it's impossible to prevent every burst pipe, but the says the federal government is behind schedule when it comes to planning, implementing and funding upgrades.

He says infrastructure, nation-wide, is nearing the end of its life and replacements should be accelerated.

He worries that some Canadian communities can't afford infrastructure upgrades, potentially resulting in more leaks. (News1130)

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