The truth is out there: Gillian Anderson is officially making her TV comeback in the much-hyped new TV series, "Hannibal." has the first photo of "The X-Files" actress in a scene from the thrilling new show in which she plays a therapist whose patient is a cannibal serial killer.

Now that's a show worth watching!

Gillian is known for playing characters with memorable wardrobes; from Dana Scully's power suits to "Bleak House's" Lady Dedlock's corseted gowns, the 44-year-old has worn her share of iconic clothes.

If the "Hannibal" photo, in which she wears a sexy pink blouse, is any indication, we're in for more eye-catching looks from the gorgeous redhead.

Check out Gillian's most memorable on-screen outfits:

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  • The classic Scully power suit. You want the truth? It wasn't her hottest look ever.

  • Scully and Mulder: Too busy catching aliens to find a tailor.

  • Finally Scully shows a bit of flair with her fashion with a cute blue blouse.

  • Gorgeous red locks, a feathered fan and gloves? Yes, please!

  • Who is this beautiful flower child?

  • Don't ruin that gorgeous purple satin gown!

  • Red upon red upon red? Sure, why not?

  • What in the world is on her top?

  • Modern African safari.

  • A woman with a mission knows to wear a sexy skirt to get what she wants.

  • We bet a Canadian told her to wear this massive coat.

  • Never has a coat been sexier.

  • Ah, pinstripes. Safe, predictable and a bit boring except when you flash some cleavage.

  • We're not digging that outfit either.

  • The turtleneck-blazer combination was one of the worst fashion trends of the '90s.

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