04/22/2013 03:35 EDT | Updated 06/22/2013 05:12 EDT

Graham Lackey, Langley Sex Offender, Jailed Hours After Release

LANGLEY, B.C. - A sex offender with over three dozen convictions dating back to 1989 is back behind bars after just a few hours of freedom.

The Mounties in Langley, B.C., learned earlier this year that 46-year-old Graham Lackey was to be released from the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre and planned to live in their community.

Of his 37 convictions, 17 were sex-related offences and 12 were related to his failure to comply with his release conditions.

Lackey was released March 17 and officers watched him arrive in Langley by bus, where he was greeted by a friend who took him to the local pub where he promptly ordered a beer.

Among his conditions for release was an order to abstain from alcohol and police arrested the man just 25 minutes later.

RCMP say Lackey has now been sentenced to an extra five months in jail.