Luisana Lopilato has officially made her debut.

The wife of Canadian crooner Michael Bublé, who is pregnant with the couple's first child, made a stunning red carpet appearance at the 2013 Juno Awards in Regina, SK., on Sunday.

Luisana showed up all the Canadian stars in a gorgeous red lace dress with a thigh-high slit and a generous amount of cleavage. (Kate Middleton, take a style hint!)

The 25-year-old Argentine actress took all the attention away from Bublé on the red carpet but the "It's A Beautiful Day" singer didn't seem to mind. The 37-year-old, who hosted the award show, proudly showed off his sexy wife, kissing her and clasping her hands while wearing a classic tux with a dapper bow tie.

But just because his wife is hot, that doesn't mean that the couple don't fight. Bublé revealed that the cute twosome, who got married in 2011, are already fighting over baby names. "My wife is killing me. We fight about the names," Bubble told Us Weekly. "She keeps coming up with names that she thinks sound good in Spanish, like 'Dirt.' Dirt Buble!"

One thing's for sure, their baby boy will grow up to be one good-looking guy!

luisana lopilato

luisana lopilato

Check out the best and worst looks of the 2013 Juno Awards:

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  • Carly Rae Jepsen

    Little Carly Rae is all grown up! The "Call Me Maybe" hitmaker looks striking in a vibrant yellow mullet dress with an embellished neckline and mermaid hair. She has saved the night!

  • Michael Bublé And Luisana Lopilato

    Who cares about Michael Bublé, look at his gorgeous wife! Luisana, who is <a href="" target="_blank">pregnant with the couple's first child</a>, shows off her ample cleavage in a sexy lace gown with a high slit. Bublé on the other hand, knows better than to show up his wife and sticks with a classic tux.

  • Metric

    Singer Emily Haines takes rocker chic to a new level in cute leather shorts and a revealing sequined blazer.

  • Vita Chambers

    The Canadian singer looks great in that nude dress but those purple shoes have got to go.

  • Nicole Arbour

    We know that Nicole is a comedian, but we don't get the punch line.

  • Billy Talent

    These guys look like they're ready to hit the bar.

  • Jim Cuddy And Devin Cuddy

    Like father like son! Jim and Devin cut striking figures in casual dress suits. Don't tell Devin but his dad dresses better than him.

  • Tom Cochrane

    Tom is workin' it!

  • Marianas Trench

    The boys of Marianas Trench sure clean up nice!

  • K.D. Lang

    We really can't say anything bad about K.D. Lang. She is flawless!

  • SonReal and Kidd Rich

    We want to be around these two the whole night. Anyone who can wear a leopard-print collar is cool in our books.

  • Helen Austin

    Maybe the Juno-nominated songwriter chose this dress when she wasn't wearing her glasses. That would be the only explanation for wearing this multi-colour horror.

  • Victoria Duffield

    The sheer dress is cute but why do the leopard heels have toe caps that blend into the carpet?? The "Shut Up and Dance" singer needs to take a trip to the Holt Renfrew shoe department.

  • Kristina Maria

    The Canadian pop singer is going to the Junos and then has a hot date with a flamenco dancer.

  • Dragonette

    Singer Martina Sorbara is wearing not one, but two <a href="" target="_blank">spring must-haves</a>: leather and crop-tops!

  • Ben Mulroney

    Ben looks quite dapper in a checkered blazer and pink button-up!

  • Carly Rae Jepsen - Junos Gala Green Carpet

    Rocking her trademark black bangs, the "Call Me Maybe" hitmaker rocked a chic watercolour blazer with matching short shorts and a button-up blouse at the Junos Gala on April 20. The black pumps and pointy clutch made the whole outfit a bit more sexy. We love this new grown-up Carly!

  • Janet Panic - Junos Gala Green Carpet

    We realize that the Métis singer is paying tribute to her heritage but still, silver antlers and fur tails will not win you style points with us or PETA.

  • Nicole Arbour - Junos Gala Green Carpet

    Is Nicole auditioning for the circus? Seriously, is she?

  • Crystal Shawanda - Junos Gala Green Carpet

    The colour is a bit dull but the floral baby doll looks pretty on country singer Crystal Shawanda. Sometimes playing it safe pays off.

  • Marlowe Stone - Junos Gala Green Carpet

    Marlowe, who's in the children's pop band Marlow & the MiX, is wearing too many trends at the same time. In short, it's a trainwreck.

  • Victoria Duffield - Junos Gala Green Carpet

    Lime green looks so pretty next to singer Victoria's red hair! This lace '50s style dress is super cute and fun. But those shoes have got to go.

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