ST.CATHARINES, - A southern Ontario police officer charged in a cross-border cheese-smuggling scheme last fall has been arrested again after investigators say he breached the conditions of his bail.

Niagara Regional Police say Const. Scott Heron, 39, was charged Monday with breach of recognizance for allegedly violating a condition related to the use of a cellphone or other communication device.

Police say Heron is restricted to one cellphone he must register with authorities and for which he must provide detailed monthly statements. They did not say how he allegedly contravened the rule.

Heron and two others were charged in September after police uncovered what they described as a "large-scale" scheme to smuggle cheese and other food products into Canada from the U.S.

His co-accused were Casey Langelaan, 48, who was a police officer at the time of the alleged offences, and Bernie Pollino, 44.

Police say the items were purchased in the U.S. and brought across the border without paying duties, then prepared for distribution to restaurants in southern Ontario.

Police say the investigation revealed over $200,000 worth of cheese and other products were purchased and distributed for an estimated profit of more than $165,000.

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