04/24/2013 06:33 EDT | Updated 06/24/2013 05:12 EDT

High water still problem in parts of Muskoka

Town officials in Minden Hills, say there's no clear indication when the flood waters will go down, but Wednesday's rain isn't helping.

The Gull River is at a 100 year high.

The surrounding lakes are full, the rivers are full and the dams are full.

Officials compare it to a full bath tub with a plug in the bottom: there's no where for the water to go.

They're also urging people who've been given evacuation orders not to return because the situation remains dangerous..

Six days after the flooding began the river is not receding.

Barry Cray has suffered damage to his business and his home.

"In spots it's three feet deep," he said.

Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources said Wednesday it believes the water levels have peaked in the upper reaches of Muskoka and will probably peak in the lower parts of the district on Thursday.

The ministry says Wednesday's rain shouldn't have much effect on the water levels.