Calgary celebrated its first ever Pay It Forward Day on Thursday and the movement quickly picked up steam across the city.

Calgarians took to social media to share how they paid it forward, which included buying coffee for people and handing out chocolates around town.

"I bought 2 people breakfast. And probably lunch later, too," said Mandy Christina on Twitter. "Have you done your part?" she asked, encouraging Calgarians.

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  • Just handed out some goodies for Pay It Forward Day to the guys on cash corner and people in my building! #PIFYYC

  • LOOK: Calgary's Pay It Forward Day Celebration

  • Andrew Moffat holds the official proclamation of April 25 as Pay It Forward Day in Calgary.

  • Carol Wright hands out free bottles of water and cards encouraging people to pay it forward.

  • Two brothers, Andrew (left) and Gordon (right) Moffat, organized the event in Calgary.

  • The free hugs got popular quickly.

  • Wrist bands saying "Pay it forward" on them were also handed out at the event.

An event was organized at Olympic Plaza by two brothers, Andrew and Gordon Moffat, who hoped it would inspire a long term movement. The event included a DJ, free hugs, a dance competition and a microphone set up for anyone willing to share a compliment.

April 25 was also officially proclaimed Pay It Forward Day in Calgary by Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

People in Calgary are sometimes skeptical of random acts of kindness said Andrew. He handed out free hot chocolate in the city's downtown last year and found it hard to give all of it away.

"[I] want to change that about the city," he added, saying he wanted people to be less suspicious.

Did you participate in the Pay It Forward movement in Calgary? Tell us about it on Twitter or in the comments below.

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